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Hello and Welcome!

My name is Alice and I am the owner of Aloriam Pillows. I founded Aloriam in 2014 to offer you the best and most unique selection of custom pillows covers online.  "Aloriam" is an anagram of my name and my kids, Elinor and William. I am located in northeast Georgia USA, about an hour's drive from Atlanta. I work for both interior designers and homeowners, and my pillow creations reside all over the USA and worldwide.

The positive impact of a set of quality pillows on your room cannot be overstated. In my opinion, a home without nice pillows is a barren wasteland. The right pillows can finish out your room just like a good necklace can transform an outfit. Create a happy space for you and your loved ones to spend time together in, and joy will follow. 

Think about this: At the end of a long day, do you want to sit on a sofa with no pillows or would your rather cuddle up to a set of stunning statement pillows that are a sensual delight to both your eyes and fingers? When you have guests over, do you want them to lean back on something utterly forgettable, or would you rather have some swoon-worthy pillows on your couch that make an impression?

You decide.

Why You Should Buy from Aloriam: The Difference Between a GREAT pillow and an OK pillow

At Aloriam, you will find a carefully curated shop with the most interesting and beautiful fabric designs from designer fabric makers. You will not be wasting your time to weed out the bad and ugly, because I have already spent countless hours scouring through thousands of fabrics for the very best. You are guaranteed to have a unique look that your neighbors will not be able to copy shopping from local stores or even online, because the designs sold here cannot be found in retail stores.

My customers often tell me that my pillow covers are of higher quality and look and fit better than what they purchase from much bigger home decor stores like Restoration Hardware, West Elm and Pottery Barn. (You can visit my feedback page to read my customers' thoughts on their orders.)

Here's why:

Aloriam's pillow covers are made differently. They have tailored shaping and careful pattern placement that is absent in mass produced pillows.

Large factories operate on volume. They are typically located overseas, sometimes employing underaged labor and in those circumstances, they need the simplest and fastest way to manufacture their pillows. For speed and to maximize every inch of material, these factories often cut their fabrics in a massive stack hundreds at a time, without regard to whether the pattern is placed symmetrically or in a visually pleasing manner.

Factories also cut their pillows square without any shaping, even though as I explain here, a square case does not a square pillow make. Seams are often left raw on the inside and not reinforced. And then these factories will sew the pillow shut, to avoid the expense and labor of installing an invisible zipper that would allow you to remove the cover for cleaning or to just update the look of your room as you see fit. As many companies buy from the same factories, you may even see the identical pillow sold in multiple stores under different brand names. The result is a bland and generic look that will not stand the test of time.

Additionally, factories have high minimum requirements in the thousands. This is why you see large home decor companies like Pottery Barn stock only 1 or 2 sizes on a design. They can't offer 15 different sizes like I do because their pillows are factory made and not handmade-to-order.

My pillow covers are made completely the opposite way. All pillow covers you see here are individually handcrafted and sewn by me from start to finish. Every item is made-to-order for you. I take an individual, hand crafted, artisan approach, which involves:

  • Laying out the fabric and measuring so that the pattern is placed attractively
  • Hand cutting each piece
  • Contouring the cover shape for a beautiful tailored fit
  • Overlocking all edges to prevent fraying
  • Reinforcing stress points with extra stitching as needed
  • Installing an invisible zipper closure that disappears into the bottom seam

The difference is clear in the finished pillow: it is something you will be proud to display in your home for many years to come, and not a disposable item in today's disposable society.

Why are pillows from interior designers so expensive?

If you have worked with interior designers, you will know that their pillows can cost anywhere from $200 to $500 each. There is a good reason why.

First, designer fabrics are costly. These are often fabrics sold to the trade only. A yard with shipping often runs above $100 a yard, with the more luxurious options (such as cut velvets, embroideries, silks, handprints) in the $150 to $300 a yard range. 

Second, these fabrics have a full yard minimum order. So even if you just need a small pillow requiring 1/2 yard, you must buy the full yard, thus doubling your cost. Additionally, if you want the pattern matched on multiple pillows, even more fabric is required to cherry pick the cuts.

Third, interior designers have overhead. They do not do the sewing themselves, but instead hire a workroom to do the labor. These workrooms can charge anywhere from $50 to $100+ to sew the pillow cover, depending on size, style and trim. 

Fourth, interior designers coordinate your pillows to your home as a whole, including furniture, art work, other accessories, paint and more. The creative thinking needed to produce a cohesive design is the value-added to hiring a professional designer but can translate into higher overall cost and markup on the pillows.

Why are your prices so good?

Because I do all the sewing myself, do not have a physical retail space and shop carefully for my materials, I am able to offer you beautiful pillow covers custom made from luxury designer fabrics at truly exceptional prices.

My private-label clients routinely resell Aloriam's pillow covers at 2x to 3x our pricing on sites such as Chairish, One King's Lane, Houzz and in their own decorating businesses. Their names cannot be disclosed for confidentiality reasons, but rest assured you are getting a great deal by shopping here directly!

While limited time does not permit me to make individualized design recommendations to customers, on many items' pages you can find pillow styling ideas under the "Coordinating Suggestions" tab. 

Do not be intimidated! You can successfully shop for pillows that look great in your home with no professional help. A good way to start is to flip through some home decor magazines and look for inspiration.

What I Do That Bigger Stores Don't Do For You

One of the greatest challenges to purchasing any home decor item online is accurate color representation.  Will this color go with my sofa? How thick or soft is it? This is why I make affordable fabric samples available on every item I sell so that you can feel and touch the fabric before your pillow covers are made-to-order for you. Fabric samples are only $1.45 each (includes USA shipping). I strongly encourage you to order samples to make sure a pattern will work in your space. Professional photography lighting is used for the shop's product pictures to show the colors truly. A fabric's appearance can vary under different lighting conditions and computer monitor settings, which is why fabric samples can be so helpful. 

Additionally, if you are unsure of how 2 or 3 patterns will look together, I am always happy to email you a photo of them to help with your selection.  I am constantly updating the shop to suggest patterns that coordinate well with each other, to help you match up items that look amazing together.

All patterns are made-to-order for you in a range of sizes that have been tested to fit the average feather or polyfil pillow inserts on the market. If your insert requires special treatment (e.g. if it is overstuffed, stiff, not a standard size, among other reasons) and a custom cover size is needed, I have posted specific information on custom orders here. Because everything is made-to-order, modifications are possible, and you are not restricted to what is shown in the shop.

Keep in mind that many of the patterns in the shop are limited editions. This means when they sell out the fabric is not reorderable, so if you fall in love with something please do not wait.

Tips and Advice

I have distilled everything I know about pillow making and sizing on my Sizing Guide and Frequently Asked Questions. 

For example, a frequent mistake I see customers make is purchasing too small a size. If your seat is 20 inches wide, you should buy a 20 inch pillow, right? Definitely not, and here's why.

One of the best tips I can give you is to buy your inserts before ordering your custom covers. You won't make the mistake of buying a size too small or too large for your furniture if you do this.

Another move to avoid is putting an old pillow into a new cover. You won't look good wearing two jackets and your pillows won't either. Please read this FAQ for more on this topic.

Always use a good quality insert. Cheap inserts usually do not have good quality or quantity of filling and this will reflect poorly on the finished pillow. Feather inserts are more durable and more natural looking than polyfil and will generally give you the best finished appearance, including the "karate" chop look. Even the nicest cover cannot overcome the deficits of a poorly made insert.

Before ordering, please pay extra attention to the sizing information posted because they provide valuable information that will help you select the most appropriate sizes for your furniture. By reading this information before you order, you will help me do my best work for you. Nothing is worse than receiving your pillow cover and having it not be the size you need (for me or for you)!

Bottom line is: if your room isn't making your happy to be in it, it's time for a change. The right pillows can add so much sizzle to a room by delighting your eyes with new colors and your hands with exciting textures.

I am so glad that you are here at Aloriam Pillows. I wish you much fun and success in creating the room of your dreams! 

Have fun shopping and please don't hesitate to use the contact form if you need any assistance. 

Let's get started!

Aloriam Pillows

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