Blue Pillow Covers

Aloriam Pillows offers a large range of blue throw pillow covers to take your home décor to the next level! Blue is one of the most timeless, classic and universally well-liked colors in home decor, and not surprisingly, it is the #1 pillow color that we sell. Blue pillows can help you create a mood of calm, relaxation and serenity. Depending on the shade of blue, it can also be quite fresh and energizing (think electric blue or royal blue). Navy blue pillows can add sophisticated elegance and drama, for example when paired with gold or silver.
Blue encompasses an enormous variety of shades: cerulean blue, sky blue, ice blue, indigo blue, navy blue, tiffany blue, robins egg blue, cobalt blue, azure blue, cornflower blue, electric blue, persian blue, steel blue, royal blue, periwinkle blue, steel blue, denim blue, chambray blue, baby blue, prussian blue, and the list goes on!
Standard pillow cover sizes are available for inserts sized: 12x1812x2414x2016x2616x1618x1820x2022x2224x24 to 26x26 (Euro sham). Additional custom sizes are available by request.
Please scroll down for our current selection of blue decorative cushion covers and cases, all custom made-to-order for you in fine home décor fabrics. 
We pride ourselves on offering distinctive blue designer pillow designs that you will not find in regular retail stores, by stocking exclusive limited edition patterns and many fabrics available only to the interior design trade.

Fabric samples for most pillow designs are available for purchase.

Please also see our Sizing Guide and FAQ page for help on selecting the best pillow size for your furnishings.

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